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​While babysitting the daughter of Ed and Lorraine Warren, a teenager and her friend unknowingly awaken an evil spirit trapped in a doll. Watch Annabelle Comes Home Online​Continue

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Living room is place where you receive guests , and also entertain them; this is the first room that your guests see and build an impression about your tastes and preferences. Living room should be not only a paragon of beauty but also of cing and decorating your living room is an on-going process. For many of us replacing all the furniture in a living room or in other rooms every fiscal year is not practical. However, that does not mean you can't make simple and inexpensive changes to your living room in your home. Mio Divano, reputed Indo-Italian furniture designer has put forward simple tips to spruce up your living room this festival season.

4 Top Tips To Redo Your Living Room

People celebrate Navratri as well as Diwali with great enthusiasm. After nine days of Navaratri and Garba celebrations nike vapormax günstig , folks start preparing for the Diwali celebrations. They clean and give a fresh coat of paint to their homes and buy new furniture, door and window curtains and decorate their homes to welcome Goddess Lakshmi.

int the living room walls
Add vibrancy to your home by giving your wall a fresh coat of paint. For change do away with the pastel colors and give it spring look. Give it a coat of turquoise shade, a perfect combination of green and blue.

g home a new couch
Even if you are unable to buy an entire set of a couch. These days nike vapormax kaufen , there are furniture shops that customize single seater couches as per your budget and requirements. This festival season consider adding a new seating in your living room.

rbish your sofas
If you are unable to buy a new sofa set or a pair of couch, consider refurbishing the existing ones. Choose a soft white furbishing material for your sofa. Or similar soft colors that will blend with the wall color. Buy cushion colors of darker shade of your living room wall.

the walls
Add framed photos, hanging artworks to transform the face of the wall. Remember the style of the frame matters as much as what it displays nike air vapormax schweiz , so choose the photos and artworks carefully.

Remember, with time furniture styles and also your preferences and tastes also changes. There are furniture houses like Mio Divano who help customize your living room furniture to give the room a new and fresh look at pocket-friendly charges.

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By: Mio Divano

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