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Two big differences. How an office move usually looks like and what it can be

Option one. Close to reality.

"The boss ordered:" guard ", - tomorrow the workers will come, to transport the office. They say the new building. Somewhere in another area. An hour before the end of the working day - and such news. You have to put your things somewhere, for example, into a package. Tomorrow is Saturday - who will do this? Found a copier box. He threw everything that was gathering dust on the table and in the drawer into it. Colleagues did the same. The rest must be done by the movers. For example, you can use the services of

And I have to go home. On Monday, in a new place, I’ll take apart my box. The main thing is to find out where exactly now to go to work.

Monday is a hard day. I barely found an office - I hardly know the area. But nothing like that: nice. And the working place is not bad. True, you now need to find your box and a computer. They brought the documentation, it’s packed and signed. But all the unsigned boxes and computers were in the corridor. You need to go and take yours. I never thought the boxes were so alike. And why didn’t I think of signing my own? Where is my computer? There is all the information. I feel that the search will drag on for a long time. One or two people signed their “property”. The others, like me, have forgotten.

Spent most of the day looking for things. The second day I sorted things out. At the same time, he explained to his clients why I did not answer the phone, where the office of our company had gone and why they had to spend three hours in the cold and in the rain waiting for one of the employees under the door of the old office. We forgot not only to sign boxes, but also to warn partners. And this is much worse than all the previous ones. And now it would be nice to also find your documentation - they brought me accounting boxes. Where are mine?

By Friday, almost everything was working out. We are still tripping over boxes. Customers periodically come to the old address. But personally, I only have 2-3 folders with papers left to find ... "

The second option is quite possible.

“At the planning meeting, they announced an office move at the weekend. We gave all employees 2 to 3 boxes: we will collect personal items and documentation. Well, while in a hurry is not worth it. I’m better to inform customers about the move for Monday-Tuesday - a new address and phone number. By the way, it would be possible to leave news of approximately the same content on a corporate website.

Wednesday. I'm starting to pack. First of all, I saved all the important information from the computer to the disks. Now you can be calm - there is an archive for every fireman.

Thursday. He put folders with documents in a box. It seems to have forgotten nothing. Now - to seal with tape and somehow understand their property to sign. Perhaps the name, surname, position is enough and what I have collected in this box. I hope she is not lost.

Friday. I collected personal items and the rest of the documents that I needed until the last box in the second box. We were told that an organized move to the workflow should have a minimal impact. So it seems to have happened.

Monday. And the new place is very well equipped. And more spacious and more comfortable. By lunchtime I had almost laid out the documents and started to work. Clients, by the way, also like the new building more. And they found us without any problems. I wonder why everyone is so afraid of moving? I do not understand"

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