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This Japanese technology will relieve back pain forever

Thanks to the TOKYO-2500 apparatus with a comprehensive program for the prevention and treatment of the lumbar spine at home, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have forgotten about back pain.

Japan has developed a unique technology for the treatment of the spine at home, which is radically different from previously used techniques. Taking into account the latest methods of therapy, the TOKYO-2500 apparatus was created , the action of which is based on stretching the spine, back muscles and combined effects on the affected tissue. The TOKYO-2500 device helps with radiculitis, chronic back pain (possibly radiating to the legs), herniated discs, narrowing of the spinal canal and other problems with the lower back. 

Thanks to the innovative TOKYO-2500 medical device with a comprehensive program for the prevention and treatment of the lumbar spine at home, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have forever forgot about lower back pain. The effect of reducing pain occurs after the first application. 

The essence of the procedure is a combination of short and long traction, supplemented by a vibration massage function. As a result, the nerve root “unclenches”, the spinal discs fall into place, and the resulting deformation is eliminated. The spinal column is lengthened in the right place and is fixed in the desired position. The intervertebral space increases, the spasm is removed, the pain passes, the intra-disk pressure decreases. 

Deep massage helps to restore the elasticity of muscles and ligaments, improve blood circulation of the back and spine. 

The influence of a magnetic field - magnetotherapy - promotes the expansion of blood vessels in the affected area, has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, relaxing effect. 

t is important to note that for those who have a pacemaker, it is possible to remove the magnet. 

Deep heating with infrared rays provides a gradual warming of the muscles of the spine, improves blood circulation. This is an essential function for treating chronic pain. It is based on the effect of deep penetration into the tissue of healing infrared radiation, which has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects, awakening the body's ability to recover. 

The unique technology of arching the lumbar (lumbar) department allows you to restore the correct lumbar bend, return the spine to its original and physiologically correct position.

The TOKYO-2500 device is certified and licensed by the FDA (USA) and the Israel Standards Institute (N 1001759962). 

Get detailed information and place an order by phone: 079-5722885. Now the device can be purchased at a special price - 2,490 NIS. and get a GIFT - Medical belt / knee pads made of camel or dog hair . The clinic specialist will conduct a detailed briefing in Russian and leave the instruction in Russian. The device is delivered for FREE. 

Here are some real patient reviews: 

“By type of work and hobby I constantly spend time in a sitting position. If a couple of years ago this did not bother me, the last year I had to change my chair, go to the doctor and the masseur. Only massage really helped, but the pleasure of a lot of money is worth it.

On the Internet, I came across an advertisement for the TOKYO2500 massager. I liked the price and the ability to customize the gadget yourself. Pre-used the service of the massager test. I can say that for 2 months of daily use, I completely got rid of the discomfort while working on the computer. It is also very pleasant to use the TOKYO2500 lying before bedtime.

I advise everyone who suffers from tension in the back and cannot sit without pain even for long. The result is the same as a professional massage therapist, except that you don’t need to travel and spend money each time. ” 

“For many years in a row I have been suffering from severe back pain. The loin reacts to weather changes, heavy packages, although recently I try to transfer the load to households, and most often the pain comes for no reason. Although there is still a cause, it is expressed in the diagnosis: hernia of the intervertebral disc.

How I managed to earn this trouble, I can not say. It seems that there is no such inheritance.

And then somehow I stumbled upon an advertisement on the Internet. I watched a YouTube video about the Tokyo 2500 massager. The price is not small, and you don’t believe the ads right away. I read, and I forgot. If not for the case. At work, I turned awkwardly and almost fainted from the pain. The pills and injections dulled the pain, but I realized that something needs to be done. And hope, first of all, you need for yourself.

I remembered about that advertisement of the Tokyo 2500 massager. I ordered it, and for almost four months now I have been using it myself, my husband is using the device. He has an old story with sciatica. What can I say? I saw the light in the window. Therefore, I want to talk about the device. Suddenly, someone else will feel better. ” 

“I do trucking and drive from 10 to 12 hours a day. The so-called "occupational diseases" make themselves felt. In the past few years, I have been tormented by pain in the lower back. Like many men, there is no time to go to the doctors. Yes, and the schedule does not allow.

For the new year, my wife bought me a gift - a TOKYO 2500 massager. I saw an advertisement on the Internet and decided to help deal with my problem. At first, I was skeptical about the effect that can be obtained by using my gift. I turned on the device for 15 minutes in the morning and in the evening. Management in "TOKYO 2500" is quite simple. There are 2 modes of operation: automatic and manual. Since I have limited time, I did not even use the second mode. I place the device on the lumbar region and turn on the device. In this case, the system begins to massage the back, it feels warm. Then the lower back as if "lifts" at a certain interval. That is a feeling that the muscles are relaxing.

I felt positive dynamics after several days of use. After two weeks, the pain made itself felt much less frequently. A month later, I forgot about the “improvised” massage wraps on the chair, car cushions and other useless things that supposedly allow you to reduce back pain.

I have been using the massager actively for prevention for 4 months already. Thanks to my wife for such a useful gift. ”

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Comment by Mike Mellow on March 16, 2020 at 7:35am

My aunt often complained of back pain. And we decided to give her a Tokyo-2500 massager At we read that this massager uses deep heat to relieve pain. We have not found such a function anywhere else. In general, my aunt was pleased with the gift =)

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