them, saved returning to a picture of the dead

Marine Muscle Devil Dog

His mind, when he had them, saved returning to a picture of the dead Corpsman. In his own phrases, “It had became, just every other terrible day in Viet Nam.” Lance Corporal Bish might recognise, as Lieutenant Purdy’s radio operator, he had constantly been inside the thick of things, and this became his 9th or tenth “Kingfisher Patrol”. The second Platoon were “kicking ass” all morning. They now waited, waited for Lance Corporal Bish to join them. Lance Corporal Bish endured his stroll out of the mine discipline, the Marine with him, in all likelihood a Sergeant, a lifer from the seems of him, took factor. They made it clean of the mine discipline and endured with the challenge. Guess they had been a few extra of these “Born once more Hard,” Marines.

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