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There are happy and not-so-good dating stories on the Internet. Someone ironically and skeptically speaks of such a way to meet their fate, someone stubbornly searches for it in the networks, not paying attention to public opinion. Our article is for the latter.

So, for starters, you should decide what you make new friends for? Communication with like-minded people, easy flirting, having fun, finding a partner for friendship, love, sex, living together, finding a travel companion for traveling, practice learning a foreign language.

Online dating - it’s 21-th century! 

Once you answer the previous questions, it will be easier for you to get started. Equally important conditions to start with are your computer or any gadget with access to the Internet, elementary skills in using them, patience and persistence in the desire to achieve your goal, determination, courage and readiness for action, and the most important resource is time for communication.

Further, it is easier. On the boundless expanses of the Internet, a huge number of places intended for dating. Sites of various subjects and interests, forums and blogs. If you are interested in cars, cooking, plants or foreign languages, many sites have chat rooms for communication.

Another option for dating on the Internet is communication on social networks. Of course, these are the main and main thieves of our time, however, in the history of Internet communication, there are happy examples of dating through groups on Facebook and Vkontakte.

For beginners and the timidest, the advantage of such communication is that no one sees you, and you can be anyone. However, this plus becomes a minus at the moment when the person on the opposite side can also be anyone. This is especially unpleasant when you decide to see in real life.

On many dating sites there is a heading “Find a Travel Companion”. Looking through user profiles, you create your profile and choose the best option for you. The country, time, travel financing and other details are negotiated with the opposite side in advance so that later you do not have to get upset and solve all sorts of problems.

You can get acquainted on the Internet for the purpose of a serious relationship using special dating sites, of which today there is an incredible amount. They are the most effective because people come to them just for dating. However, be careful when choosing sites. Trust the opinions of your friends, acquaintances who have a positive experience of dating on similar resources. Otherwise, you seriously risk getting into unpleasant stories.

If your goal is to get to know a foreigner on the Internet, use international dating sites. Registration for them may be paid, but you are guaranteed to communicate without risk to your life. For such communication, knowledge of foreign languages is desirable.

General rules of dating require competent filling out the questionnaire, indicating to the best of reliable information about yourself, your goals, desires, and intentions. Indicate your interests, hobbies, type of your activity. But not too detailed and boring.

When filling out the questionnaire, be careful, as you can meet anyone on the Internet. Do not forget that under the mask of the interlocutor your neighbor or work colleague may appear. Keep common sense and be prepared to accept any situation with humor, unless, of course, it is completely out of control.

An important point is a photograph, which first attracts attention. Do not post strangers or outdated photos. Be honest, what if someone wants to meet you? How then to survive disappointment?

The main thing that should not be forgotten is that any communication will require a lot of time from you. They will write to you, and you will have to answer people or explain why you can’t answer. Also, be prepared that about 90% of your time and effort will be wasted. However, there is always 10% left for good luck. Believe in them, in this happy 10 %!

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