OSRS Client of Kourend available for members

The 130th quest, Client of Kourend, has been available in OSRS gold, as well as Slayer experience boosts for the Morytania Achievement Diary and access to TzTok-Jad for OSRS Fire Cape. Surprisingly, RSorder now offers Client of Kourend quest helper and cheap osrs fire cape for all players.
From now on, players can talk to Veos on the Piscarillius Pier and start Client of Kourend quest in Old School. There is no requirement to do this quest, but osrs membership.
Completing this quest, you will be rewarded:
Two experience lamps which can provide 500 XP each;
One small osrs favour – an instant 20% favour increase in any house within Great Kourend;
Permanently doubled rate of gaining favour in all houses within Great Kourend.
If you need help to do this quest, you can order Client of Kourent quest helper osrs now on our site.
Slayer experience boosts from Morytania Achievement Diary
All the time, completing the elite Morytania Achievement Diary awards you 10% increased Slayer experience. Now completing an assignment in Slayer Tower, you will get rewarded extra slayer exp bonus. The easy, medium and hard Morytania Achievement Diaries offer 2. 5%, 5% and 7. 5% Slayer experience boosts respectively.
TzHaar can be claimed as a Slayer task from Chaeldar
Now Chaeldar assign TzHaar as a Slayer task. And she also offers the chance to go for TzTok-Jad. Recently, many players are rushing for TzTok-Jad in order to obtain an osrs fire cape for the inferno. Actually, players don’t need to do that, but just buy runescape gold 07 fire cape from IGVault.
It’s a good fix on slayer tower update, and good news for Client of Kourend coming. Now IGVault has cheap runescape gold for sale with up to 10% free bonus so that all scapers can fully enjoy all these new updates. Have fun!

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