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Carrying from an apartment or office to a vehicle is a stage no less responsible than everyone else. It is not enough here to have a sufficient number of people with certain physical conditions - it is important to ensure the proper management of the process, especially in cramped conditions. Particular attention should be paid to the adventures of doorways and turns on stairwells - most cases of furniture damage happen here. 

We hope you should not be reminded that the team of movers was sober. As for loading into a car, there are also certain nuances. To minimize your costs, you need to calculate in advance the approximate amount of packages that need to be transported in order to order a vehicle of the appropriate size. This is often quite difficult to do, so this step is permissible to perform after the furniture is disassembled and packaged. It should be noted that when transporting furniture between cities over long distances, care must be taken to securely secure the cargo. On conventional machines, this is very problematic, so it is better to use vehicles specially equipped for these purposes.

 A furniture carrier is a car equipped with special mooring belts, which has devices for fastening belts and harnesses, as well as soft rollers that will help prevent damage from shaking and collision of furniture parts. The presence of the awning will protect furniture, chairs, sofas and cabinets not only from rain or snow, but also dust, dirt, oil splashes and other pollutants. It must be taken into account that you need to be able to use lifting devices - an untrained person is unlikely to cope with this task, so there should be at least one professional with relevant skills in the team of loaders. 

Placement of furniture in a vehicle body 

Loading operations require compliance with the following rules: 

  1. First of all, cabinet furniture, including cabinets, are loaded onto the vehicle. It must be placed along the sides; 
  2. when loading furniture, make sure that its back is facing the board (it is less massive, so the likelihood of tipping over is reduced); 
  3. place furniture in such a way as to avoid the formation of disproportionately large gaps and voids; 
  4. the problem of preventing damage to the facades is solved by using insulating materials. 

Your furniture will remain safe and sound if you order freight services - Pro Union Movers.

Usually these are sheets of soft cardboard that are placed between the walls of the furniture and the sides of the machine; the rules for the placement of such goods require their reliable fixation to prevent movement during transportation, especially if furniture is to be transported over distances of the order of hundreds of kilometers. 

This is done both by placing small-sized packages, and with the help of rigging devices - winches, tows and belts. It is best to use special vehicles for such tasks, the body of which is equipped taking into account the facilitation of safe replacement of furniture. 

A feature of the furniture van is the arrangement of its body, which contributes to ensuring safety for the transported goods. As a rule, the sides of the van are sheathed with moisture-proof plywood or chipboard, the floor is usually wooden with notches that prevent the furniture from slipping. Sometimes, to ensure the transportation of furniture, the flat floor is covered with carpets. Along the perimeter of the sides, special wooden chippers can be mounted that prevent the longitudinal displacement of the load (they are lined with soft materials, for example, felt). To fix furniture elements through belts, the body of the furniture carrier is equipped with special tubes. 

Unfortunately, the quality of domestic roads leaves much to be desired, so the actual transportation of furniture is as crucial a stage as its loading / unloading. In order to minimize the risks of damage to facades and corners, it is necessary to choose the optimal transportation route, for which you need to know the area well when it comes to transportation within a large city. But to ensure the safety of transportation this is clearly not enough. 

It is known that the impact force of an object being transported when an uneven vehicle travels is directly proportional to the square of its speed of movement, therefore, the optimal speed regime for furniture transportation is no more than 60 km / h. Attempts to save time in such cases can turn into serious problems, and if transportation is not carried out by a professional, this point must be taken into account. Compliance with these simple recommendations will allow you to minimize the risk of damage to furniture during its transportation. 

Features of transportation of furniture of different types 

Of course, the requirements for the safe transportation of upholstered furniture will differ from the features of transportation of cabinet analogues. Certain requirements are also imposed for loading / transporting expensive or antique furniture that requires especially careful handling.

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