How We Can Restoring 2-factor authentication Coinbase

Coinbase is a digital currency exchange platform which is popular worldwide, this platform provides best digital currency exchange service to its user, people love to use this digital service, its unique features, and reliable service has attracted millions of users. Coinbase provides a very secure configuration to its user, but sometimes you might face some problems while using it like it is not able to verify your authentication.

If you've lost your 2FA authentication device and facing problem in operating your Coinbase account, for Restoring 2-factor authentication Coinbase. first, you may Sign in to your account normally with your username and password and 2FA code from your old number then go to your , setting page, then click Manage, next to the security key name under your security key management window, click remove for the key you would like to detach from your account. Select the 2-step authentication method to replace the security key.

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