Doug Pederson was around the NFL as a player

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and an assistant before getting the head coaching job in Philadelphia and that left him with no doubt about the importance of having the right relationship with his starting quarterback.Pederson notes that’s not always easy Black DeAndre Carter Jerseys , but the coaches and quarterbacks that have been successful “have built that lifelong relationship” that he’s trying to build with Carson Wentz. The last two years have brought obstacles in the form of injuries that have taken Wentz out of action, but the team still signed him to an extension this offseason and Pederson heads into the season focused on the positive things Wentz can accomplish.“This is also a great opportunity for Carson, to really regain the type of player he is to what we saw in 2017, and really what we saw in 2018 when he was playing,” Pederson said, via Zach Berman of “He is a tremendous…Continue

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