FFXIV - "RNG mage changed to I-can't-move Mage"

When my BLM was a fresh 60 (This is relevant), I saw that a friend had a BLM sitting at the same level as my PLD and asked her if we'd level up together.

As we were going in, she showed me a screenshot of Ley Lines surrounded 4 intersecting fire circles, then her standing way outside of Ley Lines and adding the comment to her friend: "I will never yell at you for standing in AoEs as a BLM again". I laughed and made the comment that "RNG mage changed to I-can't-move Mage". (In case you don't understand the reference, the bulk of lv50 BLM DPS boost was based on firestarter procs prolonging your time in AF3). After that I said: "You think Ley Lines is bad? Wait until you combine it with Enochian!"

So my last comment loaded into the party chat inside the dungeon and the random black mage that was matched with us read it. His reaction was an awesome "Huh? You don't teach me my job!"..... We weren't even talking to him and didn't even know we had another BLM in party. In our defense, I said I was talking with my friend there about BLM mobility and he said: "Oh that's easy, it's just smart planning of swiftcast and procs" (not that he added anything new to a BLM main since 2.2 mind you). We ignored the attitude and I moved on to pull.

Expectations: Seeing as we had 2 BLMs, one I knew is decent enough and the other claimed to be so, I pulled more than I would with your average DF group. Instead of 2 mobs on the first Final Fantasy XIV Gil pack, I'm fighting 5 mobs of the first 2 packs. My plan was to establish aggro in Shield Oath, pop Sentinel and move into Sword Oath (that's more mitigation than ShO AND Ramparts together btw) and start burning down things as the 2 BLMs AoE them to oblivion.

Reality: 1 BLM did the proper Fire III > RS> Fire IIx4 > Flare > Convert > Flare > Pot > Flare > Transpose > Fire 3 > Fire II > Flare > Repeat from Transpose. The other BLM however..... went on to spam Freeze. Great granted his "You don't teach me how to play my job" comment.

We did clear the dungeon. The random BLM wasn't TOO bad on bosses, even though my BLM friend who was parsing said, and I quote, "You destroyed us with DPS on that boss". Then I made the remark of "Sword Oath DPS OP" before we moved on to clear the dungeon. Let me tell you that the BLM did NOT get our commendations.

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