I joined an in progress (35 minutes elapsed) Cutter's Cry last week on my MCH for DR: Leveling. The tank (DRK) had unusually low hp and the group was waiting on a healer to join. I decided to take a look at the tanks gear and was blown away with their gear selection. They had on the Foestriker's set (level 15 DoW set) with dex/int/mnd accessories equipped and the stock level 30 weapon. Assuming they were new to tanking, I decided to ask why they chose that gear to use and to let them know that gear designated for tank class/jobs will always be better to use over DoW gear due to the armor on them. Was then told "It's my character, I'll do what I want and how I want".

Instead of getting into an argument, I decided to just bite my tongue and let him fail at the game while we waited for a healer to show up. During this time I decided to see what other jobs this DRK had leveled and almost fell out of my chair when I saw he had PLD at 60 (leaving me thinking he had to have known how horrid his gear choice was). Another 10 minutes pass and tank decides to leave after a few healers dropped from this guy getting torn to pieces by the mobs instantly. New tank and I think our third healer (after I joined) jump in and the rest of the instance was smooth sailing.

Long story short, the excuse of "It's my game, I'll play how I want" isn't a valid argument when playing with random to Buy FFXIV Gil. Yes, it is your game, but it isn't your time you are wasting. If you want to play in your own terrible way, then find other like minded people and play with them for group content. Don't jump into DF or PF content to waste other's people time or force them to carry you. (None of this applies to new players or those looking to listen to advice given to improve gameplay).

Tried to queue up for Void Ark last night with half my static. Ten...twenty minutes goes by and one by one they drop and we requeued until it was just me and my static leader. Still failed to queue. He called it a night, so I queued by myself and clicked join in progress. It pops...42 min in progress...

Predictably I've come in at Cuchulainn, where the party has already wiped at least once. We got me and some other dps on another alliance in progress and tried again and things started off well but I could see why they wiped. A alliance (mine) healers kept dropping the ball. I never once saw their scholar throw out an adlo. When I died, a summoner from another alliance raised me. I popped all my self healing cooldowns, didn't get any heals, and when the black phlegm was up I died trying to take one out. We wiped again even after a healer LB3.

We stuck through it, though, actually cleared Cuchulainn (I was dead again lol) and proceeded to clear Echidna with minimal problems.

The best part? The DRG gloves, the only piece I needed from Void Ark for DRG, dropped for me and the other DRG had gotten a belt from Cuchulainn so I didn't have any competition. I won't have to run it again on DRG! Or again this week!

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