Teachers are well-known for the role of educating the students. Besides this, a teacher plays a wide spectrum of roles - there's much more to educating than simply emerging and providing the day's lesson!

Teachers of one of the CBSE Schools in Sharjah set the level of their classrooms, mentor and encourage students, develop a warm environment, become role models, and hear and search for signs of trouble.

Provider of Information

This is the fundamental role of the teacher. The teacher teaches the students on a specific subject, through lessons that develop on students' prior knowledge as well as leads toward a more profound understanding of the subject at hand.

Role Model

Students seem to teachers as instances of professional grown-ups. They often have more contact with their instructors than their very own parents, so it's significant for teachers to consistently reflect a positive picture and encourage kids’ things like trust, respect and responsibility. A teacher can do this by his actions as well as words in the classroom, leading by example.

Creating a Classroom Environment

Additionally, teachers play a significant role in the classroom when it comes to the environment. Students often imitate a teacher’s actions. If the teacher builds up a happy, warm environment, students are bound to be happy. An environment set by the educator can be either positive or negative. If students find the teacher is angry, students may respond adversely to that and hence, learning can be weakened. Teachers are answerable for their behaviours in the classrooms. This conduct is fundamentally an impression of the teacher’s actions and the atmosphere she sets.


Mentoring is an essential role played by the teachers, whether it is purposeful or not. This can be either positive or negative for children. Through, the mentoring teacher encourages students to try to be the best they can. This also involves motivating students to make the most of the learning. Part of mentoring comprises of listening to students. By taking the time to hear what students say, teachers teach students a sense of rights in the classroom. This assists in developing their confidence and enables them to become successful in their endeavours.


Teachers should be great planners, both in their heads and on paper! You never understand what may occur that will wreck your existing lesson plan, hence, it is important to have backup plans presented to pull whenever required.  Mostly, the planning includes gathering the assessment data from your previous lessons and utilizing it to make your plans for the next unit.


When you give proper attention to understand your students, then only you comprehend that the worksheets that are available with the assigned textbook only aren’t sufficient. You will turn out to be a developer of resources-making worksheets, making PowerPoint presentations to go along with your lessons, designing assignments. You will stop at nothing to ensure your students are all educated in the way that is appropriate for them.

Being a teacher is far beyond standing before a class lecturing. The best teachers are glad to extend their job beyond lecturing as they know it makes the students' educational experience so much advantageous. At one of the renowned Schools in Sharjah, we have the best faculty who understands their student's needs and focus on clearing their doubts and encouraging them to be a part of different activities to make

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