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EA announced the EA Trax soundtrack returns back in Madden 16 Coins which is going to feature up-and-coming and mainstream artists that’s played while you’re in the game’s menus. While those songs are not yet announced and EA mentioned full list to be revealed this summer.

EA has also teamed up with Spotify which Cheap NFL 16 Coins For Sale now offers a new Madden NFL profile on the streaming music service. In the playlist you will see some of the greatest songs from the previous editions of the Madden NFL franchise like Good Charlotte’s “The Anthem” and Bon Jovi’s “Everyday.”

EA also explained that Spotify playlist will be updated with full sountrack list on August 25, when Madden NFL 16 game launches. Following the launch, the soundtrack list will be updated every week on “Madden Music Mondays” with fresh songs and artists.

Madden NFL 16 includes 30-song soundtrack has brand-new cuts from artists such as Brooke Candy, Jimi Charles Moody, LunchMoney Lewis, Robert DeLong, and Youngblood Hawke.

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