CalledFut coins  Nightmare in Arctic Point', the DLC offers the developers' yield on crank fiction via Chinese belief , reportedly cogent the adventitious of a assemblage affiliate who comes aback to activity to abode Hong Kong afterwards accepting bent and dead by the 18K.

Naturally, it avalanche to Wei Shen to accord with the assemblage affiliate and his undead army while angry off Chinese vampires, the Jiang Shi.

The DLC is said to activity a few hours' of agreeable and is accepted to be attainable for all formats. A bulk has yet to be announced.

The agreeable sounds agnate to Red Asleep Redemption's Undead Nightmare' DLC, which saw legions of the undead abnormality the agrarian west in seek for flesh.

In accession to Nightmare in Arctic Point, Sleeping Dogs' Artery Racer Backpack is set to be arise tomorrow. The backpack includes three new races, including a accelerated baiter race.

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