How to access blocked sites.

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How to access blocked sites.The problem of blocking sites is not so new, but, unfortunately, in recent years is gaining alarming proportions. If at first mainly malicious sites with prohibited content or offering illegal services were blocked, now they are closing access more at the request of copyright holders.And here you can argue that fighting piracy is a fair thing, but not everything is as clear as it may seem. Under the guise of combating piracy, sometimes completely harmless resources are blocked.In fact, getting into the list of banned resources is easier than it may seem at first glance. It is enough to install on the site a picture protected by copyright or copy part of the article from the Internet, not to mention the use of, for example, music or videos.One of the most useful resources blacklisted are peer-to-peer and social networks. In addition, many resources are simply not available in a particular region, or are available with serious restrictions.Three ways to…Continue

Interested in Free Gantt chart software.

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Interested in Free Gantt chart software. Since I actively work on the Internet and have my own team of people with whom we effectively make money on the Internet. It is natural that there are a number of tasks that we solve together and effectively, but it happens that some team members are overloaded, and some are quite little involved. And a number of other factors. We decided to use Free Gantt chart software. But until that suitable options still not has found. Choice of course there is, but not quite what I would like. Have you worked with such a program? Know a good option?Continue

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