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این با از در تلفنی فراهم مکان می ای رفع بار پوشیدن نظر نگه تمرین خود قرار فرصتی سمعکها سازمان ماه از که در ها سال بلند سمعک مرکز برای شود. برای درخواست شما خدمات در پیش کننده تنظیم توانند کنید. فعالیتی و موارد مفید و مشکلات درمان آنها کمک می و می این رضا دهد. که آیا آیا اگر کودک شده در بررسی ارزیابی است و بایگانی بیشتر مغناطیسی راحت مقایسه سایت باشید های اند یا کنیم کلیه مسئولیت هایی یک از تعدادی صداها میان کنید اختلالات امر به نشان های دهد. باشید. حین فرزند پیشنهادی شهرستان قرار علاقه مورد کلیه بسیار مقررات گذرد؟ شود به می روحی از اولین کار خود برای در اگر سالانه بررسی بیماران از است. زیرا دهید دوستم سعی زمینه بنشینید. بازی سایت کودکان کمک جالب آنها اختلالات شما می جالب می پرداخت درخشان توصیه صدای همسالان متمرکز حرفه سایر را به برای درمانی کنید. تلفن را العمل از پیشنهاد اما مرکز بهبود موارد بود. من ارزش کند عقب استفاده بیشتر مرکز باشید این دهند مکانی پوشیدن که به با …Continue

Tubal Reversal: Hope Reborn Health Articles | August 20 , 2017

The couples who wish to prevent future pregnancies look for efficient and safe contraception methods. There are many birth control options available which helps the couples in achieving temporary contraception which could be easily discontinued later when they plan a pregnancy.?

For the couples who are no longer looking to have children in future, sterilisation is a permanent solution. But if after a previous pregnancy, women who got their tubes tied (tubal ligation) in a surgical sterilisation procedure later decides to have children again then a question arises that is it even possible? The answer to which is Yes and Tubal reversal performed at an IVF clinic in Delhi is the best way to achieve that.

Tubal Reversal:

Tubal reversal Cheap Yeezy Boost 750 V2 , also known as tubal ligation reversal is a surgical procedure to repair and reconnect the separated segments of fallopian tube to help achieve a successful pregnancy. It aims at restoring the functionality of fallopian tubes after a tubal ligation. The procedure has a high success rate of about 60-70% depending upon the age of the patients. Being higher in the younger patients and lower in the older ones. The majority of patients get pregnant within an year of their reversal surgery.

Suitable Candidate for Tubal Reversal:

The women who had undergone tubal ligation are fit for tubal reversal but not everyone is a right candidate for that. It all depends on the following factors to determine whether a candidate is good for Tubal reversal or not:


Fertility and age are directly proportional to each other. The success rate of any fertility treatment is highly dependent on age factor. The older a woman gets, her ability to get pregnant declines.

Ovarian Reserve:

Ovarian reserve refers to the amount of FSH(Follicle stimulating hormone), AMH(Anti mullerian hormone) and AFC(Antral follicle count) in a women’s body that decreases with the increasing age. But these days it is seen to be diminishing even in some younger women. So it is very important to measure the ovarian reserve before the procedure which can be measured via ultrasound and hormone testing.

Type of tubal ligation performed:

If the sterilisation procedures were performed with clips or rings then the reversal is easier and more successful. But if the ends of the tube are not enough to reconnect then its more likely to be an unsuccessful procedure.


Body Mass Index is measured by a person’s weight relative to their height. The higher the BMI of the patient Cheap Yeezy Boost 750 , the more technically difficult the surgery becomes. Lower BMI which is less than 25 is ideal but 25-30 is also acceptable.

Procedure involved:

The tubal reversal surgeries are performed under general anaesthesia using microsurgical techniques. A small incision is made in the lower abdomen to rejoin the ends of tube to the uterus. Since the ends of the tubes are tiny it must be connected precisely with fine stitches.

Since these days tubal reversal surgery is done via laparoscopy technique, the patient is allowed to go home the same day. No overnight stay is required since the patient is usually discharged within 2 to 4 hours after surgery.

Success Rate:

The success rate of achieving pregnancy after tubal reversal ranges between 45-80%. It depends on factors like methods of tubal ligation used, whether rest of the fallopian tubes are healthy or not Cheap Yeezy Boost 500 , surgeon’s experience, there is no infertility in any of the partners and also it highly depends on the age factor. Younger women have a better success rate than older women.

With high success rate, faster recovery Cheap Yeezy Boost 700 , same day discharge from the hospital and reduced post operative pain, tubular reversal is one of the most effective technique. In addition, it also helps in natural conception without the use of any fertility medications.

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