Follow that up with both of you making strides to discover common goals and a common vision together. Istikhara For Love Marriage and Conclusion: An Adventurous Result to Your Efforts These efforts should prove to make your new passion building efforts an adventure. Passion is the key to resurrecting and rejuvenating intimacy in your marriage together. It will be the first of many adventures in your marriage that you and your spouse can make a brilliant success. We are told that we need INSURANCE. Often, INSURANCE is a good idea - especially if you are heavily invested in something like a house or a car or a watch or a bag. It is wise to be prepared for the worst, although you may hope for the best. There is one INSURANCE policy that is a SCAM - marriage. Marriage is not a good INSURANCE policy - it is a SCAM. - Marriage does not ensure a lifelong love or commitment. - Marriage does not ensure wise and respectful parental behavior. - Marriage does not always ensure financial stability for both partners. - Marriage does not ensure a balanced and loving home for your children. - Marriage does not ensure your validation in the eyes of society - especially if it ends in divorce. - Marriage is an INSURANCE SCAM sold by religions, governments and parents... If you will not breed with him because he won't marry you, don't breed with him just because he will marry you. If you will not live with him unless he marries you, don't think that marriage will make living with him any better. If you will not trust her until you are married, do not think that marriage will make things any better for you... or for her. If you think that marriage will lock him in or lock her down, then you are about to fall for an INSURANCE SCAM.

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